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Re: FSCONS Last Year

On Wednesday 04 February 2015 19:54:49 Per Andersson wrote:
> I think that the next step (without following any actual order
> or contents in the pad linked above) is to get visible (Debian News?),
> meet (in conjunction with a conference maybe?), and also show how
> people can participate and help the Debian community (Bug Squashing
> Parties, Bug Report Parties, Release parties, collaborations with others
> etc).

This year's Debian Conference will take place in Heidelberg, Germany (next 
year will be in Canada or South Africa), so it might be a good idea to take 
the opportunity and do something then, e.g. an official or unofficial meeting, 
or at least try to get in touch with some of the Nordics going there anyway, 
but perhaps not being aware of this initiative.

Since it is easily done, I think we should create an IRC channel "now" on 
OFTC, and invite people to join.  Personally, I'm more inclined to attend an 
event if I know a few of the other people beforehand from e.g. IRC or a list 
like this one.

Regards, Kaare

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