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Re: Call for Venue for hosting DebConf 2021 or 22

On 22/03/2019 19:22, Abhijith PA wrote:
> Raju,
> On Friday 22 March 2019 04:46 AM, rajudev wrote:
>> Namaste Everyone,
>> The Debian India Community is going to bid for hosting DebConf - the
>> Debian project's developer conference in India for the year 2021.
>> You can help us in finding the venue in any way possible. If you are a
>> student/Teacher or in an Academic position, you can approach your
>> college authorities with a document that we will be sharing soon as a
>> follow up to this mail.
>> If are in contact with any other institutions who can probably host it
>> or could be interested into hosting a DebConf try contacting them and
>> getting POC's for further interaction.
>> The institutions/organizations who have hosted Mini Debian Conferences or DebUtsav's
>> previously can also convey there interest in hosting a DebConf. It would
>> be easier to manage operations in such institutions as we would already
>> be having POC's in such organizations.
>> The organizations does not necessarily have to be educational
>> institutions. Could be other places to equipped to handle a large
>> gathering of people.
> I don't think we can count any educational institutions. Unlike
> debutsav/mini-debconf, DebConf is two week event and normally happens in
> June-August. All universities/colleges in India have regular classes on
> these months.

I completely agree. I do not think letting 200-1000 odd people inside
the campus for a period of 2-4 weeks will be acceptable in any
> --abhijith

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