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Call for Venue for hosting DebConf 2021 or 22

Namaste Everyone,

The Debian India Community is going to bid for hosting DebConf - the
Debian project's developer conference in India for the year 2021.

The bid would take place at this years DebConf at Curitiba, Brazil in
the month of July.

We are looking for venue's capable of managing a large gathering of
Debian Developer's, Maintainers, Contributors in general.

You can help us in finding the venue in any way possible. If you are a
student/Teacher or in an Academic position, you can approach your
college authorities with a document that we will be sharing soon as a
follow up to this mail.

If are in contact with any other institutions who can probably host it
or could be interested into hosting a DebConf try contacting them and
getting POC's for further interaction.

The institutions/organizations who have hosted Mini Debian Conferences or DebUtsav's
previously can also convey there interest in hosting a DebConf. It would
be easier to manage operations in such institutions as we would already
be having POC's in such organizations.

The organizations does not necessarily have to be educational
institutions. Could be other places to equipped to handle a large
gathering of people.

Also we are looking for places which are not in major cities. If we can
find a venue in states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or in the North Eastern
states, that would be great as well. I understand the fact in this case
that it would be hard to manage an event in such as place as the local
team presence might be less to none.

Here are some of the typical requirements for a DebConf City/Venue .

 1. Should Have one or multiple Auditoriums, having seating capacity of
 at least 500 people at once.
 2. Should have multiple smaller Audi's or classrooms adjacent/near to
 the Auditorium for other parallel tracks at the conference.
 3. If it has a hostel well equipped with Air Conditioners to be able to
 accommodate around 300 to 300 people, that would be great. Or if there
 are any good hotels very near to the venue. That would do as well.
 4. During DebConf we organize day trips for the Attendees to visit
 nearby places or have experiences at climbing,cycling, hiking etc. So
 if the venue has such expeditions nearby, that would be a good addition
 as well.
 5. The Venue should be reasonably reachable via good public transport.
 Should be reachable easily from an airport. Not necessarily the Major
 international airports, could be domestic airports as well.
 6. Presence of a local team residing/present near the venue is great to

There are many more requirements that could be listed, but these are
sufficient for now to give you an idea. I'll add more when I remember.
If you think I have missed something, please add to it.

One of the important things to consider for the Host City or venue is
weather. Unlike most countries we have varying weather in different
regions of the country. DebConf is usually hosted in the months of July
or August. But in those months in India the weather is at extremes in
most regions. We could push the months for hosting DebConf from May to
September. The host city should not be having extreme weather conditions
during the DebConf times, be it hot summer or heavy rains.

Looking forward for expression of interests in hosting the venue from
multiple places.

Please share this mail with who you think it is relevant. Forward to
other relevant mailing lists and messaging groups.


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