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Re: relayb0t

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:

> Quoting Abhijith (2016-09-11 06:10:55)
>> Some of you may have noticed that there is a bot (relayb0t) running in 
>> #debian-in (and in debian-in xmpp muc ) channel . It basically send 
>> #debian-in participants' conversations to debian-in and vice versa .
>> We only have a handful of active volunteers in Debian India and they 
>> are in two different chat channels not knowing what is happening on 
>> the other one .  This made me to run such a service. Yes, relayb0t 
>> bridges the gap between two channels .
>>> From copyninja and Jonas I understood that the "relayb0t is creating 
>>> more noise than helping". If you people feel the same with relayb0t, 
>>> I am happy to take it down.
> For the record (I am headed out the door now), since you reference me 
> only indirectly and very tersely: What I judge as noisy more than 
> helpful is merely the *current* implmentation:
> At least on the irc side, messages are represented as originating not 
> from the participant but from the bot.  That does not provide me a feel 
> of two rooms merged into one, but of a "microphone + speaker" put up in 
> two rooms still separate, so you _hear_ conversations going on in the 
> other room but not easily interact, and cannot selectively suppress.

I share the same opinion with Jonas. Its trying to bridge 2 different
rooms working on something totally different things.

If some discussion happens in #debian-in IRC and all of a sudden if a
bot comes in the middle dumping some thing totally unrelated stuff
people will get totally annoyed. If it is a person talking it can be
understandable but here its not a person but a bot representing people
who are not even present on IRC channel.

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