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Re: relayb0t

On Sunday 11 September 2016 08:10 PM, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
> I share the same opinion with Jonas. Its trying to bridge 2 different
> rooms working on something totally different things.

I don't agree. Its just the same community using two different protocols
to communicate. Are you saying the people in xmpp debian-in room are not
part of Debian India?

> If some discussion happens in #debian-in IRC and all of a sudden if a
> bot comes in the middle dumping some thing totally unrelated stuff
> people will get totally annoyed. If it is a person talking it can be
> understandable but here its not a person but a bot representing people
> who are not even present on IRC channel.

It is still a person talking, not some random text by a AI robot. Here
the bot is just translating a real person's message between two protocols.

I understand it takes a bit more effort to get used to. The people are
present in the xmpp room and you can talk to them from irc. You just
have to type their nicknames in full (without tab completion).

Another complaint I heard yesterday was about not being able to stop
people bullying, that is not correct. If a person is bullying from xmpp
room, they can be stopped from the xmpp room.

The kind of response you and Jonas gave to a Abhijith is really
demotivating for him.

It is understandable that people got annoyed, but the way you both
responded were not encouraging for a community like Debian India.

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