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Regarding your India visit & possible Debian user meet in Pune? [To Jonas,Cc Debian India Mailing list & FOSS Pune friends]

Hello/Namaste नमस्ते /Hej Jonas,

Just saw your e-mail regarding your India trip to meet fellow FOSS friends.

Starting separate e-mail thread as yesterday I got notification from
Kartik saying not to mix-n-match subjects.  :-)

I just saw your schedule.
Here sending across rough notes. [lot of notes ;-) ]
Pls see if possible for you to reshuffle your Bangalore/Hyderabad trip.

- We have BIG annual FOSS event called 'GNUNify' in Pune in 2nd week
of February where Debian users/developers/DevOps/Enthusiasts also
URL for ref = http://gnunify.in/

Would like to have you as a speaker at GNUnify. I am pretty sure you &
Siri has lot of amazing topics to share about Debian/FOSS at this big
FOSS conference. [Just FYI: I am not/never been part of org team of
GNUNify event :-) ]

If chances are good to have you in Pune then... after/during/just
before this event we can also schedule Debian users 1 day meetup +
conference in Pune or Mumbai  if every1 is fine with the dates.

Bangalore to Pune by road journey is around 800~900 kilometers & 12~15
hours time, where as by air just 2 hours.
>From Hyderabad, Pune is around 500 kilometers by road. Closer than Bangalore.

Pls see if you can make it to West side of India. ^_^

@ Shirish,Raju,Praveen = Any suggestions,inputs from your end to
pull/drag Jonas  to West side of India during his India trip? ;-)

@Jonas =

-Putting Mohit,Abhishek,Harsh in cc to whom you met along with me at
DebConf15. Also adding few more names who were at DebConf15
from/nearby Pune. I missed 1 more name & sorry I forgot your name.
-Also adding Kumar Sukhani from Pune who was there at DebConf14 & you
might had interaction with him not sure.
-   ++ FOSS contributors/experts from Pune
- SO YEAH lot & lot of Debian & of course FOSS folks in/Around Pune ^_^
I hope I am making you & Siri tempt enough to visit to Pune/Mumbai
[West India] ^_^

Also adding Hamara Users in cc if they are interested to
join/participate in the discussion :-)

And oh yes trip schedule of Jonas & the original mail thread = i)
https://couchdesign.dk/india/ ii)

Thank & Regards,

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