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Re: BOSS is back ?? Seems like Yes !

On 23/09/15 12:26, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Vikas Tara (2015-09-23 07:11:13)
On 23/09/15 01:35, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Vikas Tara (2015-09-22 13:57:56)
On 22/09/15 17:20, Amey Abhyankar wrote:
On 22 September 2015 at 16:54, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
Oh, I thought Hamara derived from Ubuntu.
As per my understanding, yes it's derived from Ubuntu.
The first release was - but we're currently working on a debian
based release.
Ohh, that's awesome news!  Looking forward to hear more on that!
We are moving towards an alpha right now. This will be released as
hamara sugam which is a lightweight version of hamara but with lxde
and implementing flat design.
Please beware that LXDE seems to be changing radically for the upcoming
Debian release, to be based on Qt.  Maybe relevant for your work, maybe
Yes - am watching that. Our changes are mainly in themeing so we're not seeing it as a problem.

There have been discussions on our dev list about shipping with lxde/QT but it was not quite ready at that point.

I will take a closer look at it in the next few days however.



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