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Re: BOSS is back ?? Seems like Yes !

On 16 September 2015 at 07:29, Rigved Rakshit <r.phate@gmail.com> wrote:

Quoting from the article:

“It answers government’s need have a fully secure network. Fresh codes unique to the system have been written for the OS. Its source code that makes it safe and secure will have to be guarded at all cost,” sources said.

So, is it not fully Free Software anymore?

- The version which will be rolled at Govt will be/Should be assembled + a customized/tailored version for sure. They wont use the ready made version.
- There was discussion at DebConf15 about usage of open source software's at Govt sectors specially in USA at Govt agencies like NSA.   ;-)
- With interesting Q&A after 'CitizenFour' movie at DebConf15, the abstract [specific to open source software usage at Govt's ] was Govt's thoroughly analyze the code to make sure there will be no information leak & then only they implement by tailoring the open source OS/Software = http://gemmei.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/2015/debconf15/Citizenfour_Q_A_Session.webm
- And I believe when some1 customize the open source software & use it for private usage/circulation, it's perfectly fine.  :-)
- Not to wonder if they creates local repository of BOSS OS packages in secure environment to analyze each package before installing.  :-)



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On Wed 16 Sep, 2015 01:08 Siji Sunny <sijisunny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello All,

It seems like, Govt. India is planning to come back with BOSS-Linux. With reference to few online reference link, CDAC is planning to release a new version in this month with lot of changes.



Siji Sunny


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