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Re: Mini DebConf Pune

On Thursday 23 July 2015 12:20 PM, Raju Vindane wrote:
> Hey Folks,
>     Brace Yourselves, Mini Debian Conference Pune is coming and will
> happen on 29 & 30 August at College of Engineering,Pune.
>  The current website is up at a temporary URL for now on
> http://punedebianusersgroup.github.io/
> Please go through it and suggest any changes that needs to be done.
> We will be updating the site as per your suggestions.
> I request any DD to please help us uploading the site to the official
>  URL for mini Debian Conferences.
> i.e. http://in2015.mini.debconf.org/

I should be able to do a normal push to update the site and we should
try not duplicate libraries.

1. Clone http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/in2015.mini.git

2. Move the old contents to mumbai and keep your files in pune

Share bootstrap between two sites.

3. Then make a front page that links to both pages.

so in2015.mini.debconf.org/mumbai or in2015.mini.debconf.org/pune will
always be available.

> Remember as the website gets live  the CFP will be on as well. and will
> be open till  10 August.
> Remember to post your CfPs before the deadline.
> We request your support for the successful organization of the
> Conference in any way possible.
> Thanks,
> Raju

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