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Re: Mini DebConf Mumbai experiences

[CC'd Prof.Kannan, who's heading this project @ IIT Mumbai]

[dropping Siji an Praveen from cc, assuming they are subscribed]

Quoting Siji Sunny (2015-01-20 16:27:09)
[Praveen wrote:]
>> Hi I have shared my experience here. Congrats to all the volunteers
>> who made this event happen.
>> https://poddery.com/posts/1566502
> Thanks Praveen for the amazing write-up.

Agreed.  Really nice insight to the minidebconf.

> As we promised to Prof.Kannan and FOSSEE team (event organizing
> partner), We (myself, Kumar Sukhani and Raju Vindane)  started
> working, to port Debian and solve the hardware driver related issue in
> their Vidyut Netbook - an alternative for aakash tablet.

Quite interesting!  Please share more info - I dearly recommend you to
create a wiki page as reference point to varous sources (including where
and how the actual hardware is available, and code sources for unique
parts like seems to be purpose of the github URL).  More info here:

The device is running on WonderMedia ARM Processor (1GHz dual core WM8880 ARM v7 Processor).

Please read the specification and other details of the device @ http://netbook.fossee.in/data/Low-Cost-Netbook-of-NMEICT.pdf

And our major challenge is to get the hardware acceleration enabled using Mali GPU drivers, specially the user space libraries.

I have made some reverse engineering yesterday with one of the available mali source and working fine with VIA APC-ROCK (almost similar specification of the netbook). Just doing some tweaking with those libs now. Will be testing in the real hardware @IIT tomorrow afternoon.

As we discussed @ MiniDebConf below the proposed action plans :

- Use the optimized kernel, currently maintaining by FOSSEE team @ https://github.com/FOSSEE/FOSSEE-netbook-kernel-source

- Boot the device with FOSSEE Kernel and Debian Headless image

- Enable graphics acceleration in headless image

- Compile, build Mali libs with X11

Looking forward to hear your comments/suggestions.

I forgot to mention in my previous mail, FOSSEE team has already provided net-books to our two volunteers (Kumar & Raju), and they already starts playing with it.

@Kumar and @Raju, please post the updates here. (Hope both are part of this mail-list)

I will update the Debian Wiki with all these information along with all available source-codes by end of this week.




 - Jonas

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Siji Sunny

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