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Re: Mini DebConf Mumbai experiences

Hi I have shared my experience here. Congrats to all the volunteers who
made this event happen.


Thanks Praveen for the amazing write-up.

We are thankful to all FOSSEE team, Prof.Kannan and Prof. Kumar, for giving extreme support for the success of the conference.

As we promised to Prof.Kannan and FOSSEE team (event organizing partner), We (myself, Kumar Sukhani and Raju Vindane)  started working, to port Debian and solve the hardware driver related issue in their Vidyut Netbook - an alternative for aakash tablet.

FOSSE team already uploaded all the relevant source-code and documentations @ github - https://github.com/fossee

Lets know, anyone interesting in joining..


Hoping to see more blog posts from everyone.

Siji Sunny

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