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Bug#757249: ITP: fonts-ekmukta -- humanist, mono-linear typeface for Devanagari and Latin scripts

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com>

* Package name    : fonts-ekmukta
  Version         : 1.2.2
  Upstream Author : Girish Dalvi <girish.dalvi@gmail.com>
* URL             : https://github.com/girish-dalvi/Ek-Mukta
* License         : OFL-1.1
  Programming Lang: fonts
  Description     : humanist, mono-linear typeface for Devanagari and Latin scripts

 Ek Mukta is a Unicode compliant, versatile, contemporary, humanist,
 mono-linear typeface available in seven weights, supporting Devanagari
 and Latin scripts.

You can get look and feel of this font at [1]

[1] http://www.idc.iitb.ac.in/~girish/demo/

Please also include as much relevant information as possible.

This package provides new mono-linear font with 7 weights for Devanagari
script, It provides new font for Devanagari script which is used by
multiple Indian languages as script. Currently there are very limited
FOSS fonts for devanagari.

Package will be maintained as part of Debian-IN (Debian India) team.

Vasudev Kamath
Connect on ~friendica: copyninja@samsargika.copyninja.info
IRC nick: copyninja | vasudev {irc.oftc.net | irc.freenode.net}
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