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Re: irc meeting summary

2014-08-05 00:17 या दिवशी Darshana Padmadas ने लिहीले :
Hello all !

So due to certain issues we couldn't have the video conference to
discuss the Minidebconf, Kollam as planned earlier. However we did
have an IRC meeting and here's a brief summary of what we discussed
and decided.

Thanks Darshana for the summary.

1. We're going to scrap the idea of using google forms for
registrations, instead  we're going to host the registration app on
the FOSS@Amrita website. There are going to be two types of forms one
for the delegates and another for the speakers. As Balasankar C is
experienced with this, he's going to help us out there.

Great to see he has already got a demo up. Everyone please test it and provide suggestions.

2. For the main minidebconf site we're going to use debian servers.
Mahendra suggested using some php code which would directly give us
the list of registrations, without giving our data to third party.

Now Mahendra can focus on the website design as Balu is working on registration.

Mahendra, Raju Vindane are going to help us out with the site. Pooja
is going to help with the design. We're hoping to get this done by
August 15th. 


3. Harish and Haris Ibrahim(bluecalvin) are going to work on the CFP.

Haris has a way with words. Hoping to see some magic!

4. Roopak is working on the poster. All the suggestions made on its
review are going to be implemented by him soon.


5. The sponsors for the minidebconf are yet to be contacted. A
sponsorship team is going to be ready soon from our side.We'll contact
the sponsors once we've planned the budget. That will be a matter to
be discussed the next time we have an IRC meeting.

How about this Friday?

I might have missed out on a few technical details. Do feel free to
fill in. Anyway, it'd be great to have these meetings more often as
Praveen suggested :)

how about every Monday and Friday?


Darshana Padmadas
3rd year CSE
darshanapadmadas.wordpress.com [1]

[1] http://darshanapadmadas.wordpress.com

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