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Registration Form

> 1. We're going to scrap the idea of using google forms for registrations,
> instead  we're going to host the registration app on the FOSS@Amrita
> website. There are going to be two types of forms one for the delegates and
> another for the speakers. As Balasankar C is experienced with this, he's
> going to help us out there.

I have hosted an extreme (and I mean it) basic registration form here - http://balasankarc.in/registration/
The admin interface for getting the list (both as HTML and CSV) can be found here - http://balasankarc.in/registration/
However, I didn't implement admin authentication (became lazy :) ).

If this skeleton is fine with you guys, tell me the modifications to be made.

PS : I am the worst designer out there and hence someone else must design the forms (only keep in mind to keep the name attributes of the inputs intact).

Balasankar C

"Freedom is never easily won, but once established, freedom lasts, spreads and chokes out tyranny." - Trent Lott

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