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Re: Registration Form

On Tuesday 05 August 2014 09:29 AM, ബാലശങ്കർ സി wrote:
>> 1. We're going to scrap the idea of using google forms for registrations,
>> instead  we're going to host the registration app on the FOSS@Amrita
>> website. There are going to be two types of forms one for the delegates and
>> another for the speakers. As Balasankar C is experienced with this, he's
>> going to help us out there.
> I have hosted an extreme (and I mean it) basic registration form here - http://balasankarc.in/registration/
> The admin interface for getting the list (both as HTML and CSV) can be found here - http://balasankarc.in/registration/
> However, I didn't implement admin authentication (became lazy :) ).
> If this skeleton is fine with you guys, tell me the modifications to be made.
> PS : I am the worst designer out there and hence someone else must design the forms (only keep in mind to keep the name attributes of the inputs intact).

Thanks Balu! Can you add your code to
https://gitorious.org/minidebconfindia/metoo (feel free to remove or
modify old files)?

This makes it easy for team to contribute.

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