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image gallery, diaspora feed, hashtags.

Hi all,
Sorry for not being able to meet you guys on-line yesterday and the
Pune group off-line day before yesterday. A combination of work,
weather and transport wrecked my plans so was not able to meet any of

Few suggestions though :-

a. I had a sort of longish talk with Harish and shared that at least
internally, they should start with having a Call for Papers soon. It
could be a CfP or a workshop or mixture of the two by the students of
Amrita. If we have some topics and some names, it would be easier for
the rest of us what to look forward to and what topic not to read or
research for presentatng at the debian conference.

b. We should also have an image gallery for post-event kind of things.

Some code examples I found on the web which perhaps could be used and
extended :-



Preferably, it would be nice if there is something similar to
imageshack.us or some other image-sharing site but shared on the site.

c. Another idea I had was to have some sort of a feed/ticker which
continously is updated when the event is happening. We could have some
sort of hashtag like 'AmritaFOSS2014' or something else altogether and
put it on poddery, diaspora and other social-networking sites as well.
The only thing needed that it should link back to the site in question
(2014.minidebconf.org or whatever the proper URL would be.) and from
the site to the different social media sites which would have the
online presence. 2-3 people would be needed who would look into that.
It would spread awareness and also be a sort of boost when talking
with sponsors as well.

Again, all above are suggestions. If they have any value, please use
them otherwise a delete button is available to  everybody :)

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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