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Re: Help with starting gnukhata-core-engine during installation on Ubuntu

2014-07-26 02:24 या दिवशी shirish शिरीष ने लिहीले :
HI Praveen,
I read the bug-report and have subscribed to the ITP and the
underlying blocked bugs as well separetly.

I suspect there is a pattern to this behavior of closing bugs as immediate response, it is second time I'm seeing such response, and it seems this happens when someone is paid to work on a software. They feel only their time is valuable and rest of the people are fools. see https://bitbucket.org/zzzeek/sqlalchemy/issue/3103/nosuchcolumnerror-could-not-locate-column for another example of such behavior.

Couple of naive questions perhaps :-

a. You have put up the bug against sysvinit therein, but doesn't
Ubuntu use upstart ?

invoke-rc.d is provided by sysvinit.

b. Also Ubuntu has committed to use systemd in few months which seem
to suggest that both syvinit and upstart will no longer play any role.
Any comments appreciated on b. if you have any news.

Of course sysvinit would play an important role in non-linux architectures.

We have to support users running current stable releases and that means we have no other choice but to fix this.

While I'm in no position to give any concrete advise. try to see if
you can somehow increase the verbosity to actually see what issue is
happening ? Something on the lines of perhaps

Just one line in post install script is causing it,

invoke-rc.d gnukhata-core-engine start

the same command works outside of post install script.

I looked at various questions/queries on init.d and the above were few
which I thought might be of some help.

Look forward to having gnukhata on debian.

It will take some time as we have to work with people like Steve and Mike.

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