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Re: Suggestion to overlook funnel for MiniDebConf '14

in-line :-

On 7/12/14, R.Harish Navnit <harishnavnit@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 11:21 PM, pavithran <pavithran.s@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Wondering where did the Funnel idea came in the first place for
>> minidebconf, as far as I remember it NITC was using it for their
>> fossmeet  of which minidebconf was a part of , that was the reason it
>> was used and yes it was more useful for Foss Meet than minidebconf,
> Well yes, the funnel was used during NIT-C FOSSmeet. Their's is a general
> FOSS event and there are a lot of student applicants as well. I don't think
> we require something as detailed as a funnel for an event that is bound to
> be specific.

Hi all,
I am/was the culprit who recommended funnel for the minidebconf. We don't need
funnel explicitly but we do need some web service which informs students as to
what awareness levels are needed for any session. Would we be having
all beginner talks
or would we be having some talks with some depth in them (intermediate
talks) it would be nice if we could point the same to students and
interested people.

The funnel is just an idea, we could have a different implementation
(say minus the cross-vote) but have colors to indicate differentiate
levels of talks and things like that. I find more often than not,
people just don't know the subjects and hence make just guesses.
Having people who are interested in a topic is more rewarding both for
the speaker as well as the audience.

>> It also did have an effect on students deciding which talk to go .. My
>> personal opinion is that it lead to a mess atleast for the minidebconf
>> side of the story.
> +1
> I've voiced my concerns in the mail.
>> Also do you so many speakers and talks for students to choose from ?
> We haven't really planned for anything yet. Ideally I'd like to see
> speakers from the Debian community come to the event. Maybe someone who
> knows the Debian community well enough(Praveen maybe ?) could chalk up a
> list of speakers and arrangements will be made accordingly. However, if
> some students have something they feel is worth sharing, why deny the
> opportunity. We can do a CFP for student speakers and speakers outside the
> Debian community. Depending on the no. of speakers we get from the Debian
> community we could pick talk proposals that we get as a result of the CFP.

I don't see this being an issue. For instance if it's possible to
invite I would like to invite the following people (in addition to
Praveen or whoever else has ideas.)

1. Version control using git - Noufal Ibrahim (that's the basics of
SCM/VCS for anyone)
2. Git unchained - Ramkumar Ramchandra  (Git internals and perhaps he
can talk of libgit2 and possible GSOC proposals on git which would be
beneficial to students.)
3. Ruby gems packaging and installation - Nandaja Verma (and perhaps
about diaspora as well)
4. Blender 3D - Aneesh KR (if somebody has Aneesh's mail id then would
like to discuss some other ideas with him as well.)
5. Aneesh Sheela but dunno if he wants to stick with GNOME
localization or something else ?
6. WebRTC (and perhaps XMPP as well) - Nagarjuna Verma (again mail id
please, anyone)
7. Savita Seetaraman - Buffer overflow and GDB (again if somebody has
Savita's email id would like to discuss some idea with her as well.)

All of these proposals have been lifted from http://funnel.fossmeet.in/2013/

Some of them are known by me and Praveen both, some I kind of
half-attended talks but liked what they were doing. The only unknown
among them (to me) is Savita Seetaraman who proposed a talk but don't
think she gave it. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. As there were
multiple tracks, attention was being diverted all the time hence can't
be sure.

We also need somebody to do the opening keynote. Dr. Mani did an
excellent job last year although he was a bit long. Should we call him
or somebody else ?

As far as students are concerned I would say go ahead. Just make sure
that the topic has to relate with FOSS. They could use abstract
concepts (Scientific/Statistical/Network Computing etc.) but any
implementations they offer should be under a copyleft license.

I could help out with few topics for students but they will have to do
the necessary research (R&D) and figure out the rest. There are loads
of software and ideas that are out there which I haven't used or
figured out (and is interesting) just due to lack of time. If I ask
just five people in the debian-community we would get 25-30 ideas pool
from which they can see what is available in Debian, on net and
elsewhere and what's missing as well. Just an idea.

The same goes towards any professionals who want to propose some
idea/solution. As far as the implementation would be under a copyleft
license (BSD/MIT/GPL/Affero GPL etc.) I think the debian community
would be game for it.

> In a general Foss event I guess Yes !
> Should this be a general event ? It might be too late to make a change
> anyways.
> Warm Regards.
> Thanking You,
> R.Harish Navnit
> The Enigma <http://harishnavnit.wordpress.com>

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