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Re: Suggestion to overlook funnel for MiniDebConf '14

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 11:21 PM, pavithran <pavithran.s@gmail.com> wrote:

Wondering where did the Funnel idea came in the first place for
minidebconf, as far as I remember it NITC was using it for their
fossmeet  of which minidebconf was a part of , that was the reason it
was used and yes it was more useful for Foss Meet than minidebconf,
Well yes, the funnel was used during NIT-C FOSSmeet. Their's is a general FOSS event and there are a lot of student applicants as well. I don't think we require something as detailed as a funnel for an event that is bound to be specific.
It also did have an effect on students deciding which talk to go .. My
personal opinion is that it lead to a mess atleast for the minidebconf
side of the story.
I've voiced my concerns in the mail. 

Also do you so many speakers and talks for students to choose from ?
We haven't really planned for anything yet. Ideally I'd like to see speakers from the Debian community come to the event. Maybe someone who knows the Debian community well enough(Praveen maybe ?) could chalk up a list of speakers and arrangements will be made accordingly. However, if some students have something they feel is worth sharing, why deny the opportunity. We can do a CFP for student speakers and speakers outside the Debian community. Depending on the no. of speakers we get from the Debian community we could pick talk proposals that we get as a result of the CFP.

In a general Foss event I guess Yes !
Should this be a general event ? It might be too late to make a change anyways.

Warm Regards.

Thanking You,
R.Harish Navnit
The Enigma

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