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Re: somebody interested in packaging notepadqq ?

at bottom :-

On 3/11/14, RAVI DESAI <ravidesai22@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,
> If this is still available, I like to learn packaging by doing this.
> Only thing why I took time to reply is because, I am a complete beginner in
> Debian world (i.e. I have to google what 'RFP *Request for Package *'
> means
> :) ).
> I have a Java background and 'ant' is the only packaging tool I know.
> Please suggest how & where should I start ?
> Thanks,
> Ravi Desai


Hi Ravi,
       Welcome to the debian-in list. You did not have to reply
off-list as all are welcoming here. We welcome questions and queries.

Now as to your specific query stated, there is a package called
packaging-tutorial :-


Now the first thing/order of the day if not already done is to update
your system to testing atleast  as any new package will only come in
debian sid (Still in development) or debian-experimental .

A good start on how to go about doing that can be garnered from couple
of links shared below :-



One of the things they have not mentioned in the FAQ is that
sid/unstable is also pretty rock-solid most of the times.

The idea is if you are building some $PACKAGE, you would do it with
the latest shared libraries because any NEW Package would only go in
either debian-experimental/unstable and then trickle down to testing.

The distribution known as debian-stable gets only bug-fixes. No new
packages are allowed.

So as shared the way forward would be :-

a. Upgrade to debian-unstable/sid or testing. (Preferably unstable if
you are into development, testing if you are more into trying out $NEW
packages and see if they work fine with your hardware, putting up
bug-reports etc. to see they get fixed up till the time release

b. Reading packaging-tutorial and doing the practical examples they have given.

c. Attempt to do the same with the package you are trying to do.

d. Put up a sponsorship request (RFS) via debian-mentors.net and also
give the link there.



If you look at a specific package at mentors, you will see that the
DD's (Debian Developers) do take time out and do code-reviews and ask
people to have the package quality of a certain level before it is
accepted into debian.

See for e.g. https://mentors.debian.net/package/pstar and look at the
comments section therein.

I hope that is enough for you to get started in packaging.

People on the list are much better learned, articulate and helpful
than me. If you have any queries ask here. Also try to use IRC as much
as you can.

Hope to see notepadqq included soon in Debian.

Till l8er.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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