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Re: sound cards / Indian Debian developers.

Quoting Faheem Mitha (2013-09-08 11:09:33)
> On Sun, 8 Sep 2013, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Hi Faheem,
>> Quoting Faheem Mitha (2013-09-07 22:12:38)
>>> crap. I've been having a terrible time trying to find a sound card 
>>> that works well with Linux (specifically Alsa, I guess) and that is 
>>> available in India.
> > I recommend to raise such question at 
> > debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org
> Thanks for the suggestion. I'll write to 
> debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org. I was not aware of the existence 
> of this list.

Happy to enlighten you, then :-)

>> (as usual with Debian lists, remember to explicitly ask for cc on 
>> responses if posting without subscribing).
> Ok. I usually do that, but often they don't cc regardless. One person 
> told me he couldn't because it was against Debian list policy.

That person is misguided.

Essential guide: http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct

The page of that guide is referenced at top of http://lists.debian.org/ 
- in case you are bad at memorizing stuff like I am :-)

>>> Second, is anyone keeping a list of Indian Debian developers along 
>>> with contact information, and if so, could you share it? Thanks. I 
>>> know I can get something from people.debian.org, which currently 
>>> gives 9 names for India, but it may not be up to date.
>> Good idea.  But beware of privacy concerns!
>> I suggest to use https://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia - I suggest add 
>> yourself if you are fine with your private data being public.
> Thanks for the suggestion. However, this does not currently have a 
> people list. As for myself, I have no official Debian affiliation; I'm 
> just a user.

You are a user. Period!

You just posted on a public mailinglist, both sharing insight of yours 
and encouraging collaboration from others.  That's how "just" you are!

...I am a user too - besides being Debian developer :-)

Perhaps you misunderstood my suggestion...:

  * Using our wiki provides equal access from both users and developers
  * List appear only when someone decides to publish her own info there

>> Don't add others - recommend them to reflect for themselves and do it 
>> if they feel fine about it: Only when you do it yourself are you 
>> familiar with operating the wiki and can later update or remove (if 
>> you change your mind and is perhaps embarrassed to ask someone else 
>> for help).
> I have no plans/intention to add anyone else.

I didn't think so - sorry if I gave that impression.  If someone (you?) 
starts this, I suggest explicitly mention that logic to encourage 
privacy awareness to anyone editing the page.


 - Jonas

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