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Re: sound cards / Indian Debian developers.

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for replying. See below.

On Sun, 8 Sep 2013, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Hi Faheem,

Quoting Faheem Mitha (2013-09-07 22:12:38)
First, I just rebuilt my computer with a new motherboard (the old one
recently died). However, the onboard sound card is a Realtek piece of
crap. I've been having a terrible time trying to find a sound card
that works well with Linux (specifically Alsa, I guess) and that is
available in India. For some reason, there is a ridiculous scarcity of
sound cards in India.

I found a couple of places in India that sell the Sound Blaster Live!
5.1. This is an ancient card, but apparently works well with Linux,
and would be an improvement on my Realtek piece of junk. I wrote to
ask them the exact model, to make sure they actually had the right
card, but neither of them have replied so far. Does anyone have any
ideas about a suitable sound card available in India, or knows where
one could get a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 or similar?

I recommend to raise such question at debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org

Responses there will likely not be specific to India, but on the other
hand more likely to me from someone actually knowledgeable about it.
Probably easier for you to distill pieces relevant for India from a
qualified broader response, than to get a qualified specific response on
this list :-)

If generally interested in multimedia, consider subscribing to that list
at https://lists.debian.org/debian-multimedia/

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll write to debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org. I was not aware of the existence of this list.

(as usual with Debian lists, remember to explicitly ask for cc on
responses if posting without subscribing).

Ok. I usually do that, but often they don't cc regardless. One person told me he couldn't because it was against Debian list policy.

Second, is anyone keeping a list of Indian Debian developers along
with contact information, and if so, could you share it? Thanks. I
know I can get something from people.debian.org, which currently gives
9 names for India, but it may not be up to date.

Good idea.  But beware of privacy concerns!

I suggest to use https://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia - I suggest add
yourself if you are fine with your private data being public.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, this does not currently have a people list. As for myself, I have no official Debian affiliation; I'm just a user.

Don't add others - recommend them to reflect for themselves and do it if
they feel fine about it: Only when you do it yourself are you familiar
with operating the wiki and can later update or remove (if you change
your mind and is perhaps embarrassed to ask someone else for help).

I have no plans/intention to add anyone else.

If someone wants to tinker with smarter ways to maintain an addressbook,
I recommend to look at either Radicale or the fork Calypso.  Both should
be in a usable state in Debian unstable.

Thanks for the tips.

    Regards, Faheem

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