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Re: [CoFSUG] Re: Debian Utsav round two

2012/3/29 shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> IF we are going to do that this saturday/sunday then it would be a
> good idea to perhaps have an online IRC meet-up to discuss things
> tomorrow. If everybody is ok with this then would propose meeting at
> 23:00 IST at #debian-in (and then we could move to some room/channel
> or make a random channelname just for the duration). Maybe this thread
> can be taken for sharing their ayes (yesses) or nyes (noes) ,
>  Please do not just say yes, if you are saying yes, it also means you
> would be there on the channel as well.

I will be there for the irc meeting.

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