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Re: Debian Utsav round two

Hi all,
We will be really pleased to have session in the Debian Ustav round two in this weekend 
on 31 march at foss lab,coep.   

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 2:05 PM, Praveen A <pravi.a@gmail.com> wrote:
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Hi folks,

We had three events in Debian Utsav round one

and it is time for round two incorporating feedback from our previous
experiences. I suggest we do separate tracks based on interest and
skill level in parallel.

- There is going to be some new people so by default there has to be a
newbiews track (as is the case with most of our events)
- Then there can be a packaging track as many would like to do packaging

and some new tracks

- For those who are interested in some kind of coding but not excited
to do packaging - bug fixing
- For those who want to help in documentation - write man pages for
packages missing them
- For the creative folks - artwork, it is the right time to send
artwork for wheezy
- For those who want to help with translations - localization of
debian installer/debconf templates or package descriptions
- For those who want to help with publicity - publicity track
- For those who want to help us test installer, debian installer and
debian live track

We can keep these as options, there may not be an interests in all the
tracks, but we can go ahead with whichever track we get people for.
COEP folks were waiting for their exams to get over, please suggest
possible dates now that exams are getting over. And there was a
request to do it in two days.

Send in your suggestions/criticisms or new ideas...

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