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Re: Debian India website ?

in-line :-

2012/2/13 Vasudev Kamath <kamathvasudev@gmail.com>:
> Now You are CCed also Debian-IN workers as this is more relevant topic
> there also.
> Before I start some useful links
> 1. http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debian-in/debian-in.git;a=blob;f=docs/debian-in-git-packaging-how-to.txt;h=239a09fc58ef806098c216a388234b4bc8208188;hb=HEAD
> 2. http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debian-in/debian-in.git;a=blob;f=docs/TODO;h=d274e3a71cc5cd3ec8f9a8a5cce07f4b324ef521;hb=HEAD
> 1 is the some documentation we have collected together for working
> with Debian-In Git and some packaging policy we follow. 2 is our
> current TODO list

Thank you.

> If you can put up theme nicely on the wiki it will be really helpful
> (note 1 has html version also in git repo)

by theming if you mean CSS skills, then sorry have non-existent CSS skills.

>> What I have done atm is put up a very scrachy initial page detailing a
>> bit about the work that Debian India does at
>> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia/Testing .
>> If there are any pre-requisites (as in some specific packages need to
>> be downloaded or something to do the testing please let me know.)
>> I do have almost all the fonts which Debian-IN maintains on my machine
>> (the ones from Debian archive), while purging the packages is easy, is
>> there some specific work-flow which could be better.
>> Lastly, is there any sort of queue as to which packages need to be
>> tested first and how can people know which packages need more
>> eyes/testing ?
> We have transitioned all ttf-indic-fonts to new naming scheme.
> fonts-indic and fellow fonts. Now this is a huge transition and
> breakage while upgrade from old ttf-* counterpart is expected. There
> is one build-fonts.sh file in repo once you have cloned entire
> debian-in git repo (70-80MB) you need to run it it will build all
> fonts for you. Documentation for this is in link 1 above.
> What you can do?
> 1. Try installing new fonts-* package and see if the ttf-* counterpart
> gets completely removed
> 2. Check if something goes wrong while this upgrade like some
> directory is not removed or files not removed
> 3. There are also transitional dummy package with *breaks* and
> *replaces* magic try installing them (I'm sure upgrade won't be clean
> it will break and we need some experienced DD intervention here. I'm
> looking up to Kartik and bubulle. @ritesh you can also help us here :)
> ) and report them break.
> 4. Look for typos in description (short and long) you can even suggest
> better descriptions.
> 5. Look if fontconfig is properly taking new fonts
>  fc-match sans:lang=xx and fc-match serif:lang=xx should give what
> font is picked for sans and serif for each language and check if its
> taking one specified in conf file we are installing. (PS: Some one can
> write a script to do this also to make it easy for every one)

One thing at one time. First thing kinda do the passphrase thing.

Then ask about other things.

> Thats what is coming to my mind at the moment if something else is
> missing I'll add it later :)
>> I have no idea about the above hence asking the same. As can be
>> noticed I have not linked the page to DebianIndia wiki page as
>> instructions are not there. Once the instructions are somewhat closer
>> to make sense/completeness then would link to the main DebianIndia
>> page. I would probably see what replies I get in the evening and at
>> the very least document the same.
> I would request you to join Debian-IN team and register your ssh keys
> so it will be easy for you to work with us. @Kartik please add Shirish
> to debian-in team once he requests
> Shirish once again thanks for extending a helping hand
> PS: don't ever try to install udeb fonts :) rest you can try

thank you for detailed info. , will take a while to understand and digest.

Specifically would need to wrap a head around 'mr'.

> Best Regards
> --
> Vasudev Kamath
> http://vasudevkamath.blogspot.com

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