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Debian India website ?

Hi all,
IIRC there was some talk of having a debian-india website last year
(or maybe I was imagining things) . If there is/was some thought on
that could people point me if there were/was any old discussions on
the same ?

For instance I do not see any FAQ about Debian India on the wiki ? At
least nothing on the Debian India Wikipage

Maybe its listed somewhere and it just needs to be linked here or
maybe we need to start from scratch ? Is there an FAQ somewhere ?

If not, do people think its a good idea to have an FAQ? If yes, what
questions or points would people like to put up in an FAQ ?

Some points on top of my head (not necessarily limited to the FAQ though) -

a. What is the purpose of Debian India ?

(I know a partial answer is given on the wiki itself, but is that it ?
just localization or/and fonts or people have more ambitious goals ? )

b. Related to above, are there any short-term and long-term goals that
Debian India has ? If yes, spell them somewhere and keep updating them

c. Related to b. Some of the goals/roles might be owned by some people
while others would be good to have in case somebody new wants to come

If there is already has been some work in this direction then atleast
I could write some part of it and later we could have some sort of
documentation sprint between ourselves and asking other people for
help. I do remember vaguely about keeping the site in git or something
? Does anybody know more ?

Looking forwards to know more.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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