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Re: some thoughts

2011/9/1 shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com>:
> https://flossexperiences.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/mindebconfpune2011-and-future/

<quote> Bad at marketing :- We were really bad at marketing Debian. It
would have been really nice/cool if we had a team for that. We were so
short-stretched that we didn’t put any efforts at either selling
or/and promoting the Debian CD/DVD , any nice blender, synfig
tutorials and videos and stuff like that. The net result was that
Praveen was able to sell only a few T-shirts and just 10 odd Debian

Completely agree , a bit more emphasis on debian goodies would have
been nice . But all of these needs soem initial investment and efforts
put towards those things to 'happen'  . Praveen did that for tshirts
, though there weren't much of a sale for which the reasons could be
bad marketing /cost / registration with TShirts ( pyconf india
registration cost is equal to tshirt+ food)  !!

 Policy, webfilters etc. :- Ok this is what raises my blood pressure.
I have been seeing this growing intolerance towards shutting off ports
and services to outside the institution and filtering based on
keywords and stuff. Both of which result is loss of user-experience
and don’t really make things secure in any way.

I couldn't show IRC via Xchat to most of the interested people thanks
to those blocked ports . I agree there is mibbit or some web based IRC
chat . IMHO its only going to impress for a second and web based chat
interfaces suck  when compared to Xchat !

> Now, as far as the mangalore minidebconf is concerned, the mangalore
> volunteers seem to be hard to catch.

This is surprising when many of them came all the way to Pune for minidebconf !
Someone teach them the benifits of communicating with IRC . point
towards mobile clients for max_appeal .


pavithran sakamuri

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