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Re: Mini-DebConf Mangalore, October, time for planning?

I think I will vote for first one (Leaving Paris on 24th) as I plan to
take leave for whole week I should be able to meet you in Mangalore
and show you around. :)

Best Regards

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 10:45 AM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
>> Hello folks,
>> As I made the promise to come to one of the Mini-DebConfs in India
>> this year....and this promise was made for the one planned in October
>> in Mangalor....it's probably time for me to begin securing things,
>> such as travel planning, flight tickets booking and getting the needed
>> visa (the embassy of India in Paris was a huge mess in 2007 when I
>> came for Foss.IN and I guess this hasn't improved since then...it
>> takes about one full day to get the visa).
> As of now, my plans are the following:
> - Leave Paris on October 24th (Monday), 10:50
> - Arrive in Mumbai (through Frankfurt on Lufthansa, the, by far,
>  cheapest option as of now for Paris-Mumbai) at 01:00 on 25th
>  (Tuesday)
> - Fly Mumbai-Mangalore through Jet Airways or Air India Express on
>  25th morning. Probably the first morning flight as I'll be basically
>  speding the night in Mumbai's airport
> - Arrival in Mangalore on Tuesday 25th
> Stay there in a place I still have to find. I guess the city has
> decent hotels, anyway, the only "requirement" for me being essentially
> Internet access. Price is likely to not be a problem. I may also rent
> a car there so that I can freely do sightseeing during 26th and 27th.
> 28th and 29th:  mini Debconf
> - Leave Mangalore with last local flight to Mumbai on Sunday 30th
> - Leave Mumbai to Paris, through Frankfurt, at 03:25 on Monday 31st
> - Arrive in Paris on Monday 31st 18:10
> That actually leaves me with a partial day on 25th in Mangalore,
> though that day is likely to be spet for resting and recovering from
> jetlag.
> 26th and 27th being sightseeing or, eventually any other meet-up with
> local people involved in FLOSS..though, being Diwali days, I guess
> this might be quite hard to organise
> That also leaves Sunday 30th opened for post-conference
> activities...and even leaves opened the fact that the mini-Debconf
> extends over the Sunday.
> An alternative option would be arriving just before the mini Debconf
> (so leave on 26th, arrive on 27th) and then spend my "two extra days"
> *after* it and leave on Tuesday Nov 1st, arriving in France on
> 2nd. The sightseeing/local meetup things then being on Sunday 30th and
> Monday 31st plus partly Tuesday 1st.
> Does anyone have an advice about which of two options you would
> recommend?


Vasudev Kamath

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