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Re: [CoFSUG] Diasora packaging tomorrow, anyone?

Quoting Praveen A (pravi.a@gmail.com):

> It stands for "debian user group". List admins did not want to create
> local devel groups. I don't think they will approve debian-devel-in
> They have given their rationale here
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?msg=55;bug=592708
> I understand their concerns, but in cases like this, when we have
> events, mentoring etc all coming together it is hard to keep them
> separate, but we will always encourage people to participate in main
> debian lists.

OK, understood. Don's arguments make sense and I see the rationale
behind not having -devel-india (avoid balkanization.....). I even
support it, though admitedly there *are* -devel- lists thatr are more
or less this (debian-devel-french comes to mind even though the
official rationale for the list is being in French....practically
speaking it is seldomly used as a list for development, or developers,
in France).

Anyway, extending debian-dug-in to some "devel related" topics, is
certainly not a problem, particularly when these topics are a
consequence of events organized in India (such as this thread about
diaspora packaging).

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