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Re: All your package subscriptions have been cancelled


sorry for the delay. I rarely look into this mailbox.

On Tue, 15 Aug 2017, Guillem Jover wrote:
> them quickly after that. Listing the amount of bouncing would also
> be nice, in a similar way how list.d.o does it, or even also sending
> the pre-warnings about possibly imminent unsubscription with the
> current and total amount to reach?

All this is rather nice but with the (low) amount of work put into
tracker.debian.org it's unlikely to be done this century :-(
But I'm fine with a wishlist bug requesting that.

> In the end I went to tracker.d.o, created a new team, and subscribed
> via that, but it seems it's not entirely the same, and now each
> individual source is emitting the same info, and I might need to mute
> those? Although it's not really clear from the UI what mute is going
> to do: for the packages in general even if someone subscribes to them,
> or only for the team address, or?

I'm not sure what you tried to do. But a team is just a way to subscribe
to many packages at once. So you still have to subscribe. By default you
get mails about all packages with the default set of keywords associated
to the team.

As a subscriber, you can mute the whole team or individual packages. You
can still directly subscribe to the package to override keywords for a
specific package.

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