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Re: debian-policy: please document build profiles

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> (2016-07-13):
> Certainly it is very annoying that building src:linux takes a very
> long time even if only a small subset of its outputs are wanted.  This
> is not relevant only for debugging, but can also be relevant for tasks
> like security response: if I want to locally apply an emergency fix
> for a 0day I would like to do it ASAP, with a build only for my
> running kernel(s), without having to wait for lots of other flavours
> to build.
> But is this goal really best achieved with build profiles ?
> Perhaps a better answer would be a build option or other env var
> passed through dpkg-buildpackage.  That is, an entirely generic
> option, which affects all builds, and says "build only these binary
> packages".
> With that,
>   * dpkg-genchanges could avoid including extranous .debs even if
>     the source package needlessly builds them
>   * no problems with build profile cleanness arise
>   * there is no need to try to encode binary package patterns in
>     build profile names (which is not really how the build profile
>     system is supposed to be used)
>   * actually not doing unecessary work becomes an optimisation

FWIW, src:linux already lets you configure a specific flavour and build
only that one:

Yeah, that's outside of the usual dpkg-buildpackage routine but that
answers your use case without the need for any build profile tricks.


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