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Re: debian-policy: please document build profiles

Hi Javier,

Quoting Javier Serrano Polo (2016-07-09 21:40:35)
> Where is this feature discussed?

we talk about it on debian-dpkg@, debian-cross@ and occasionally I guess on
deity@. Some discussion about build profiles also happens in IRC on
#debian-bootstrap, #debian-dpkg and sometimes #debian-apt.

I'm CC-ing debian-dpkg@.

> Could the token "<>" indicate "no build profiles"? That would allow:
>         Build-Profiles: <pkg.linux.zlib> <>

I suspect you want to express "this package has to be built when no profiles
are active as well as when the pkg.linux.zlib profile is active"? If so, then
why do you need the Build-Profiles field at all? By default, all packages are
built no matter which profile is active.

What is your use case?

> I gather that the Built-For-Profiles field is written to DEBIAN/control
> when DEB_BUILD_PROFILES is not empty. Could a profile "subset" avoid
> this field? Example:
>         DEB_BUILD_PROFILES="subset pkg.linux.zlib"

Why do you want to avoid this field? Why would this be useful?


cheers, josch

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