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Re: Dpkg .list files far from complete?

Le jeudi 12 novembre 2015, 20:42:32 Guillem Jover a écrit :
>> >> I know that in the RPM 4.0 packaging, ALL files related to a package
>> >> (including socket files in /var/run, or synthesized config files like
>> >> sendmail.cf), must be explicitly called out.
>> >> 
>> >> What am I missing here?
> you might not be aware of the cruft package, which seems to be doing
> in a way what you describe above. And it has a list of such files, but
> I'm not sure how comprehensive it is.

Here's the "database"...

It mostly includes:
- what was already there when I adopted the package

- rules for packages I have installed on *my* systems... but I tend to be eclectic

- rules for the random package I don't use but someone complained there where a lot of unmatched files for...
  I mostly interpret the "rm -rf" in postrm to write the rules

So this design doesn't scale, this information should be included in each individual
package, like lintian overrides, bash completion or reportbug script.

There are some mails from 1998 on D-D that request that

Here's the README that link to these.

Here's my scaled down take:

About /var/run: any files on tmpfs are out-of-scope; they'll simply vanish after a reboot.


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