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Re: understanding dpkg trigger cycles

On 2014-12-11 19:59, Guillem Jover wrote:
> [ CCed d-release. TL;DR: josch has created a list of packages that can
>   generate trigger cycles (13), I'm filing bug reports. ]
> Hi!
> On Thu, 2014-12-11 at 13:51:16 +0100, Johannes Schauer wrote:
>>  [...]
> Yes, it does! I've excluded self-triggers though, as those are not
> possible when path activated, because a package in an unpacked state
> cannot accumulate pending triggers (sorry, should have mentioned that
> before). Which gives a list of only 13 packages:
>  [...]
> I'll start filing bug reports.


Thanks to both of you for looking into this. :)

> BTW, would it be possible to have this generated, say once a week? I
> assume the major roadblock here is the need to get an up-to-date list
> of trigger control files? We could export a list from lilburn for
> example?
> Thanks,
> Guillem

Personally, I would recommend that you found a different server/method
to provide these files.  There has been talk about moving the lintian
setup to a different server and having lintian use tmpfs for working on
  It is my understanding will effectively lead to the lab being (mostly)
empty most of the time.  Though, do not quote me on it as I am not
certain if/when it will happen or if I got all the details of the new
setup right.


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