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need help on comprehending output of dpkg

Hi dpkg developers,

I am trying to complete the zh_CN.po of dpkg,
and in order to ensure what I wrote in that file
is correct, I need help on comprehending some words.

this can be also accounted as a _list_of_words_might_be_confusing_.
IHMO, if these questions were answered,
other new translators can benifit from it.
BTW improve the quality of translation.

somewhat long. thank you :)

======HEAD OF MADNESS=========
 322 msgid "unable to fill %.250s with padding"
    'padding' likely means filling a file with some data/template,
    which one of following is more exact ?
    A {
        memset(buffer, 0, SIZE);
        write(TARGET_FILE, buffer, SIZE);
    B {
        snprintf(buffer, SIZE, PATTERN, VARS...);
        write(TARGET_FILE, buffer, SIZE);

 400 msgid "format version with empty major component"
    does it mean
    "the major element in the string which describes 'format version' is
empty" ?

 478 "%s: outside error context, aborting:\n"
    generally "security context" is related to selinux,
    then how about this "context"?
    if no, does it meas the environment?

 503 msgid "out of memory for new cleanup entry"
    is the "cleanup entry" a database matter,
    or just a simple list in which infomation about the cleanup action
is stored ?

 565 msgid "foreign/allowed/same/no in quadstate field"
    is 'quadstate' a index in database?
    if so, it should not be translated, or just add a note instead.

 616 msgid "root or null directory is listed as a conffile"
    is 'conffile' configuration file,
    or a special stuff in dpkg's concept?

 742 msgid "unable to set mode of target file '%.250s'"
    is the "mode" internally defined by dpkg itself,
    or just refers to drwxrwxrwx or somthing else?

 809 msgid "unable to read filedescriptor flags for %.250s"
    is 'filedescriptor' a database matter?
    if so, it should not be translated.

 829 msgid "unbalanced quotes in '%s'"
    does the 'quotes' mean (char)'"',
    or references?

 1001 msgid "can't stat package info file `%.255s'"
    does 'stat' directly refer
    > int stat(const char *pathname, struct stat *buf);
    or just infer "get file status"?
    if it refers the stat() function, it should bot be translated.

 1194 msgid "error un-catching signal %s: %s\n"
    is "un-catching" 
    1. did not catch the signal, then error
    2. catched the signal, then would drop it but error
    3. in a status that the program will not catch the specified signal
    4. something else..

1242 msgid "invalid package name `%.250s' in triggers deferred file `
    does "triggers deferred file" mean
    "file to be dealt with, and the action was delayed by trigger"?

1262 msgid "triggers area"
    this one is solved by guillem:
    > This is the area in the dpkg database where triggers are stored.
    > I should probably add comments for translator in the code for
of those.
    @guillem: so maybe other translators can benifit from this 
    collection of confusing strings(at least for me) and
    corresponded answers.

1310 msgid "failed to open trigger interest list file `%.250s'"
    what is "trigger interest list file"?
    particularly the "trigger interist".

1351 msgid ""
1352 "triggers ci file `%.250s' contains illegal trigger syntax in
trigger name `"
1353 "%.250s': %.250s" 
    what is "triggers ci file"?

1419 msgid "cannot skip padding for file '%.255s': %s"
    as above, line number 322.

1502 msgid "cannot set security context for file object '%s'"
    the "security context" should be selinux matter. [y/n]

1524 msgid "failed to stat (dereference) existing symlink `%.250s'     "
1525 msgstr "获取现有的符号链接 %.250s 的状态(反引用)失败"
    what's "dereference"?
    1. as (反引用), meas "the reverse relation", i.e.
        provided 'reference' as
            A -> B
        on the contrary, "反引用" means
            A <- A
    2. the action "unlink" on symbol links

1537 "trying to overwrite `%.250s', which is the diverted version of `"
1538 "%.250s' (package: %.100s)"
    is the meaning of 'divert' similar/same to following one:
    "file A should be installed in /usr/bin, but diverted to /dev/null"
    P.S. former translators' opinion on word 'divert*' __differs__ ...

1560 msgid "unable to stat restored `%.255s' before installing another
    see stat() above.

1574 msgid "cannot stat file '%s'"

1647 "considering deconfiguration of essential\n"
1648 " package %s, to enable %s"
    what's deconfiguration?
    is it the reverse action to "dpkg's configuration"?

1969 msgid "read error on stdin at conffile prompt"
    1. print some ${PS1} and wait for input
    2. just print some info to let user know something

1985 msgid "conffile shell"
    1. something like GNU BASH
    2. it just run some scripts

2144 msgid ""
2145 "%s: conffile '%.250s' resolves to degenerate filename\n"
2146 " ('%s' is a symlink to '%s')"
    what does the 'degenerate filename' mean?

2208 msgid "  %.250s is to be deconfigured.\n"
    deconfiguration? as above.

2282 msgid "Use --help for help about diverting files."
    divert, ditto.

2313 msgid ""
2314 "Commands:\n"
2315 "  [--add] <file>           add a diversion.\n"
2316 "  --remove <file>          remove the diversion.\n"
2317 "  --list [<glob-pattern>]  show file diversions.\n"
2318 "  --listpackage <file>     show what package diverts the fil
2319 "  --truename <file>        return the diverted file.\n"
2320 "\n"
    divert, ditto.

2517 msgid "Ignoring request to remove shared diversion '%s'.\n"
    does "shared" in "shared diversion" means similar with
    word "shared" in "shared cache", "shared memory"

2696 msgid "epoch"
    the original translation of it is "版次", which means
    like "revision number"

2712 msgid "versioned Provides"
    this one is still sticky, even if guillem answered about it:
It means that the Provides field supports versioned relationships,
as in for example:

  Provides: package (= 1.0)
    concerning "Provides":
    1. a database matter, telling which package will offer the queried
    2. not a database matter, telling which package will offer the
queried pachage.
        if it is a database matter, it should not be translated.
    concerning "versioned"
    1. (informal)the passive tense of 'version'(which can't be a verb,
by Oxford dict)
        and means some package is given a version number/string.
    2. related version control systems, such as git. 
        and reveals relationship between versions, like (git log
    3 ...

3242 msgid "Try to (de)install things even when not root"
    reference is dpkg(1),
    > The package is selected for deinstallation (i.e. we want to remove
all files, except configuration files).
    so, I wonder if the when taking action of "install" and "deinstall",
    dpkg would print the same line.
    if not, there will be a paradox (remove&install).

3810 "Options:\n"
3811 "  --admindir=<directory>           Use <directory> instead of %
3812 "  --load-avail                     Use available file on --show
and --list.\n"
3813 "  -f|--showformat=<format>         Use alternative format for
    at line 3812:
    does it mean
    "first, do --show and --list, then use those available files"?

4168 msgid "failed to open statoverride file"
    is 'statoverride' a special element of dpkg?
    if so, should not translate it.

4518 msgid "cannot zap possible trailing zeros from dpkg-deb: %s"
    solved by guillem.
    it means truncate those trailing zeros from the output of dpkg-deb.

4676 msgid "'%s' contains user-defined Priority value '%s'"
    is 'Priority' a database matter?

4786 msgid "archive magic version number"
    is the "magic version number" the same as "magic number" that
file(1) used?
    or is just deb/dpkg's self-defind?

4795 msgid "file '%.250s' is corrupt - bad archive header magic"
    is that "magic" referring same thing as magic number used by

5204 msgid "file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad padding character (code %d)"
    padding? JMP above.

5299 msgid "file `%.250s' is corrupt - size is wrong for quoted part
    "quoted part"?

5822 msgid "duplicate slave link %s"
5831 msgid "duplicate path %s"
    are they the action "duplicate"?
======END OF MADNESS=====================

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