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Re: New translators workflow


Le mercredi 29 octobre 2014 à 03:49:59, Guillem Jover a écrit :
> As mentioned in [T], I'd rather have new translators submit .po files
> to the BTS, as this makes it easier to coordinate changes, handle
> releases, git workflows and similar. I've thus removed your user from
> the alioth project, but certainly not because your contributions are
> not welcome, they are very much appreciated! It is just easier to
> maintain this way.
>   [T] <https://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2012/09/msg00029.html>

No problem about that, I created the account and applied to join the project upon a suggestion from Raphaël.
We thought that it might make things easier and I wasn't aware of the message above.

So from now on I will send .po files through BTS, one question though: is it one bug report per modified file or one per dpkg translation update? If so should I send the .po files themselves or, as I previously did, a git generated patch?

> I'm wondering too if translators might find it easier to work from
> something like a weblate instance, which then I could pull from time
> to time?

I won't answer for other French translators as I am a new comer but I find this kind of tool very handy. It eases the process of translation, review and it makes the translation status clearer.


Sébastien Poher
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