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Re: Bug#741481: Error in `/usr/share/doc-base/mutt', line 14: all `Format' sections are invalid.


On Sun, 16 Mar 2014, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > @dpkg/apt maintainers: I thought triggers should be run *after* the 
> > package is fully installed and only the order of the triggers is not 
> > guaranteed?
> W/o having looked into the details, this just seems like another
> instance of #671711. Which I'm planning to check its status again soon,
> either for 1.17.7 or 1.17.8, and include the old fix depending on the
> impact on the distribution.

No, this is not the same thing. It's just a bad assumption: the triggering
package might not be configured when its awaited triggers are processed
(in particular for file triggers which are activated during unpack).

#671711 is the _triggered_ package which is not configured when it
should. Here it's the triggering package that assumes that it will be
configured when the trigger will be processed (but there's no such

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