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Re: dpkg auto-build broken

On Sun, 01 Apr 2012, Michael Prokop wrote:
> * Raphael Hertzog [Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 10:01:26AM +0200]:
> > it looks like the auto-build of dpkg by jenkins is broken since quite some
> > time. The problem is in the way that you create the source package.
> > Somehow we must regenerate the build files with "autoreconf -f -i" and
> > this requires "autoconf, automake, gettext, flex" to be installed.
> "autoconf, automake, gettext, flex" were all already installed and
> available. Looks like the "./debian/rules configure" wasn't enough,
> I've added the "autoreconf -f -i" and it seems to basically build
> again (it fails with "Unknown '<' or '>' sequence. " at man stage
> but AFAICT this is unrelated).
> Is the "./debian/rules configure" needed at all?

Well, right, the point of "debian/rules configure" was to create the build
files. It does nothing more than "autoreconf -v -i" but the call was
assuming that the tree would be clean and it looks like it's not. I.e.
the generated files are kept from one build to to the next.

If the configure files exists, then debian/rules configure is a no-op
and any change to automake files is then not taken into account.

So either we rely on "git clean -fx" + "debian/rules configure" or
we force the regeneration with "autoreconf -f -i".

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