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Re: dpkg auto-build broken

* Raphael Hertzog [Sun Apr 01, 2012 at 10:01:26AM +0200]:

> it looks like the auto-build of dpkg by jenkins is broken since quite some
> time. The problem is in the way that you create the source package.

> Somehow we must regenerate the build files with "autoreconf -f -i" and
> this requires "autoconf, automake, gettext, flex" to be installed.

"autoconf, automake, gettext, flex" were all already installed and
available. Looks like the "./debian/rules configure" wasn't enough,
I've added the "autoreconf -f -i" and it seems to basically build
again (it fails with "Unknown '<' or '>' sequence. " at man stage
but AFAICT this is unrelated).

Is the "./debian/rules configure" needed at all?


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