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Re: dpkg 1.16.1 configure

On Wed, 28 Sep 2011 08:40:06 +0200
"Gabor Z. Papp" <gzp@papp.hu> wrote:

> * Guillem Jover wrote:
> | > without installed dpkg the new 1.16.1 tarball can't be
> | > configured/compiled due the above error.
> | W/o more context I can only guess, but did configure fail to find the
> | perl binary for any reason? Maybe you don't have it installed or you
> | do but in a non-standard path?
> I have installed, but in a non-standard path, but even it could be
> found, I don't have dpkg installed, so dpkg-architecture.pl will fail.

Gabor: dpkg does try to avoid depending on itself, so there is no need
for dpkg-architecture to exist in $PATH. The configure script is
actually looking for dpkg-architecture.pl in the scripts/ directory of
the unpacked source. So it should be entirely possible to build dpkg
without having dpkg installed (it would make it impossible to bootstrap
new architectures otherwise).

See lines 10671, 10693 & 10715 of the configure script - it also sets
the PERL5LIB to look at the unpacked sources so that the Dpkg modules
can be found without having to have them installed.

What dpkg does need is a working perl installation to be able to run
the perl scripts directly from the unpacked sources.

So as long as perl can be found, whether you have dpkg installed or
not, dpkg-architecture.pl will work from the scripts/ directory. (Once
the package is built, the actual script becomes dpkg-architecture -
losing the .pl suffix, so this is one way to work out which script is
being called.)

Therefore, as Guillem has already mentioned, this is more likely to be
down to your perl installation - if you set the correct path to perl
does dpkg then build?

What path do you need to specify to run any perl script which is not
already in your $PATH?


Neil Williams

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