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Re: dpkg BUG install order problem & suggestion to add...

Jonathan Nieder wrote:

John D. Hendrickson and Sara Darnell wrote:

I have a working example of what to do that mostly uses existing
unix tools.

Well, what are you waiting for? :)

Thanks for writing, and good luck.

It's preliminary - to test it see it work - it's not a c++ patch [yet].

Also I've watched lists.debian.org an not seen people post awk or makefiles only patches. So I do not know if "attatch" is right, or what is right if you want to see code.

The sorted list size is only 250 kilobytes text (pkg #s only) and it may be an answer only to use the method to order entries in "/var/lib/dpkg/available" just once per release (so orig. collected order is already tsorted).

I have a makefile to make dep tables (several intermediate tables) and finally tsort the result (make the list). And then some scripts which show / sort more, lookup, deps (given any pkg, sort list of req. pkgs against tsort list, as discussed), rdeps. etc. It can be done with mathematical suites but tsort is a unix tool and making dep. tables is easy: shouldn't depend on a gui math suite.

It works to show it works and anything further I'll wait for feedback of the thesis. (that checking any given install list against a tsorted dependency list of all pkgs is a good idea)

So just say what you'd like to see. I don't want to dump scripts in the mail channel unless requested because I don't see others doing it and it's probably not a good practice in general.

John :)

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