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dpkg BUG install order problem & suggestion to add...

Hi, I'm not a maintainer.

I've always had problems especially during upgrade (last was sarge to sqeeze) and wished to help.

The problem seems to be when allot of packages need to be installed (makes unreasonable choices) and it begins to deteriorate after initial install failures. Soon the "solver" is trying to install small desktop apps before base components (every time I upgrade).

I looked at the dpkg ant aptitude sources. It seems there's allot of maybe's involved "grading" (not that I'm complaining it's very nice).

My suggestion is NOT to replace what is there but to add a method. The method checks the final install decisions. It easily shows what order they should be done in AND whether they go out of bounds.

I have a working example of what to do that mostly uses existing unix tools.

	john hendrickson

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