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Re: Understanding debdelta.

At bottom :-

2011/5/10  <tonda.misek@post.cz>:
>> I am writing a complete debdelta documentation, see in
>> http://debdelta.debian.net/html/
> Thanks, I read it and I have some notes.
> One of the main goal is to speedup upgrading. Here are today's numbers from my computer:
>  downloaded deltas, size 6547kB time 198sec speed 32kB/sec
>  patching to debs, size 84MB time 153sec speed 563kB/sec
>  downloaded debs, size 783kB time 1sec speed 404kB/sec
>  total resulting debs, size 85MB time 267sec virtual speed 326kB/sec
> I have fast computer and major time was "wasted" by downloading of the *debdelta files. They are downloaded significantly slower then the *.deb files, obviously it is 5-10 times. I not analyzed the situation in detail but I guess that it is caused by slower server or by latency (small file has the same latency like the big one).
> From my point of view the solution is to do in parallel downloads (not in TODO) and also patching (it is in TODO).
> TonyMi

I have been having issues with not getting any deltas downloaded so
far. Even traceroute goes something like halfway.

As a user I would suppose/suggest let the service be first as reliable
as it can be and then improvements as given above be suggested.

I am interested to see the debdelta package coming to 'sid' or
'unstable' so there is wider testing of both the infrastructure (i.e.
maybe some uptake in some mirrors to test it out or something) and see
how they scale up or not. It would be interesting too if Mennucc at
some indeterminate time in the future also shares some stats as to how
many debdeltas were downloaded and how much bandwidth saved for others
to further take part in the experience.

Thinking aloud, just my 2 paise. Looking forward to trying it out for real.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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