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Re: Understanding debdelta.

> I am writing a complete debdelta documentation, see in
> http://debdelta.debian.net/html/
Thanks, I read it and I have some notes.
One of the main goal is to speedup upgrading. Here are today's numbers from my computer:
 downloaded deltas, size 6547kB time 198sec speed 32kB/sec
 patching to debs, size 84MB time 153sec speed 563kB/sec
 downloaded debs, size 783kB time 1sec speed 404kB/sec
 total resulting debs, size 85MB time 267sec virtual speed 326kB/sec
I have fast computer and major time was "wasted" by downloading of the *debdelta files. They are downloaded significantly slower then the *.deb files, obviously it is 5-10 times. I not analyzed the situation in detail but I guess that it is caused by slower server or by latency (small file has the same latency like the big one).
>From my point of view the solution is to do in parallel downloads (not in TODO) and also patching (it is in TODO).

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