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Re: [l10n:manpages] Approximate deadline?

Quoting Guillem Jover (guillem@debian.org):

> Regarding the release targetting squeeze, that depends when Debian
> freezes the base system, it was supposed to be around this month but
> it seems this will get delayed, I cannot give you exact dates. But
> anyway, even if dpkg is frozen the release team will most certainly
> accept updates with translation changes as they have done in the past
> so it's safe to say you still have several months, no need to rush yet.
> We'll also be calling for translations once the code has stabilized a
> bit more and we are closer to the Debian release.

Also, nothing prevents you from sending a first update with what you
have right now and send new versions, more complete, later on. Working
this way secures the work you already did and avoids having it
"disappear" in case you suddenly stop working on this for a reason you
can't even imagine right now (that happened to me in the past....:-)).

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