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[l10n:manpages] Approximate deadline?

Hello all:

As part of the debian l10n spanish list, I recently took over the
maintenance of the Spanish manpages translations, which I pretend to do
for _long_ :)

The issue is that I brought the fuzzy count down to half of what
it is now, yet I don't know if I would have time enough to keep up this
pace to deliver a full translation when time comes.

I would like Squeeze's dpkg to ship with, at least, the dpkg.1, deb, and
update-alternatives manpages in Spanish.

My question is, can you guys give me an APPROXIMATE date you'll be pushing
this dpkg version to sid-->squeeze? Just I kind of "send a diff or po before
... and it'll make it to squeeze", so I can calculate the overall pace
to be able to offer those manpages and, if possible, the complete po
file for Squeeze.

Please CC me.

Thanks for your time reading this!

Omar Campagne Polaino

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