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Re: Fwd: Re: Bug#546731: dpkg: 1.15.4 version pulls kde for upgrade

Aleksey Midenkov <asm@uezku.kemsu.ru> writes:

> On Tuesday 15 September 2009 17:34:18 Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>> On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
>> > Guys! Placing some hints on dpkg about packages that may be
>> > broken is wrong. Imagine that count of such packages is infinity,
>> > so you will be keep putting all them inside dpkg control info?
>> > This is an abstraction and the next is reality. You fixed a lot
>> > of good bugs but made an requirement of switching from KDE 3 to
>> > KDE 4. Not everyone believe that KDE 4 is better and such
>> > requirement is somehow clumsy because the reason of it lies in
>> > some insignificant (by the comparison with the topic of KDE
>> > version switching) busyness with install-info. Please, be fair!
>> If you managed to put konqueror on hold, you can surely do the same
>> for dpkg. Sid evolves, if you don't want use newer software, then
>> don't use sid (hint: KDE4 replaces KDE3 in sid).
>> > > It doesn't pull anything new, it just forces the upgrade of
>> > > what's already installed if you have packages that have not
>> > > been transitionned to the separate install-info package.
>> >
>> > So, I required to go to KDE 4 from KDE 3 just because of some
>> > obscure install-info that dpkg needs?
>> If you use sid yes, you can also decide to not upgrade dpkg or to
>> rebuild a patched dpkg that doesn't have the breaks relationship.
>> > Maybe it will be better to make it to live peacefully with old
>> > packages?
>> It does live peacefully with old packages, it tells them when a
>> change breaks them so that the user doesn't experience the
>> breakage.

Given that Breaks causes apt/aptitude to fail with a Pre-Depends loop
error (that is not there) if there is any hint of a loop do you think
this is a good idea?  Have you tested the various upgrade scenarios
and partial upgrades to see if apt/aptitude grogs them?

>> That said, the kind of breakage related to install-info is only of
>> the sort "my info page is not listed in the index". I agree it's
>> not an important breakage but I don't see a good reason to revert
>> the change.
> Wow! The good reason is: you make me and other people set dpkg on hold 
> and be deprived from the features and bugfixes in 1.15.4. For who you 
> made efforts then? For yourself? For who you serve? For people like 
> me or for yourself? You suggest me to make work by fiddling with your 
> dpkg, dragging custom version? For who then you make your job in 
> Debian man?
>> If KDE 4 doesn't suit you, you'd better file bugs on it so that it
>> can be usable for you when squeeze gets out.
> Do you realize that KDE 3 and 4 are whole different products? Did you 
> used them per chance to suggest me to switch to KDE4 or not use sid? 
> By putting metainfo about KDE in dpkg you proven your sillyness.

How is KDE3 konquerer a different product that KDE4 konquerer?
Is one a web browser and the other a window manager?

>> Cheers,


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