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Re: Fwd: Re: Bug#546731: dpkg: 1.15.4 version pulls kde for upgrade

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 17:34:18 Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> > Guys! Placing some hints on dpkg about packages that may be
> > broken is wrong. Imagine that count of such packages is infinity,
> > so you will be keep putting all them inside dpkg control info?
> > This is an abstraction and the next is reality. You fixed a lot
> > of good bugs but made an requirement of switching from KDE 3 to
> > KDE 4. Not everyone believe that KDE 4 is better and such
> > requirement is somehow clumsy because the reason of it lies in
> > some insignificant (by the comparison with the topic of KDE
> > version switching) busyness with install-info. Please, be fair!
> If you managed to put konqueror on hold, you can surely do the same
> for dpkg. Sid evolves, if you don't want use newer software, then
> don't use sid (hint: KDE4 replaces KDE3 in sid).
> > > It doesn't pull anything new, it just forces the upgrade of
> > > what's already installed if you have packages that have not
> > > been transitionned to the separate install-info package.
> >
> > So, I required to go to KDE 4 from KDE 3 just because of some
> > obscure install-info that dpkg needs?
> If you use sid yes, you can also decide to not upgrade dpkg or to
> rebuild a patched dpkg that doesn't have the breaks relationship.
> > Maybe it will be better to make it to live peacefully with old
> > packages?
> It does live peacefully with old packages, it tells them when a
> change breaks them so that the user doesn't experience the
> breakage.
> That said, the kind of breakage related to install-info is only of
> the sort "my info page is not listed in the index". I agree it's
> not an important breakage but I don't see a good reason to revert
> the change.

Wow! The good reason is: you make me and other people set dpkg on hold 
and be deprived from the features and bugfixes in 1.15.4. For who you 
made efforts then? For yourself? For who you serve? For people like 
me or for yourself? You suggest me to make work by fiddling with your 
dpkg, dragging custom version? For who then you make your job in 
Debian man?

> If KDE 4 doesn't suit you, you'd better file bugs on it so that it
> can be usable for you when squeeze gets out.

Do you realize that KDE 3 and 4 are whole different products? Did you 
used them per chance to suggest me to switch to KDE4 or not use sid? 
By putting metainfo about KDE in dpkg you proven your sillyness.

> Cheers,

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