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Re: Roadmap for the 1.15.x series

On Mon, 07 Sep 2009, Guillem Jover wrote:
>  * Clean up dpkg namespace:
>    - Rename dpkg-ftp as dselect-ftp.

I'm the maintainer of this one. Maybe it could be merged in dselect
itself, it would make more sense IMO.

>    - Rename dpkg-multicd as dselect-multicd.

Maybe we could do the same with this one, given that the goal is to
have dselect a separate source package at some point in the future.

> >   - Review of all APIs, cleanup, etc.
> Something I'd like to do pretty soon, after checking if there's anyone
> using those modules, but before new code starts using them, is to
> rename:
>   Dpkg/Control.pm → Dpkg/Source/Control.pm
>   Dpkg/Cdata.pm → Dpkg/Control.pm
> I think the rest of the modules have enough clear names, but it would
> make sense to check again before we mark them as a public interface.

As I said, I'll take care of this part. Give me your comments and I'll
take care of them (we should maybe create a wiki page for the API

I'd rather that you concentrate on the rest (we seem to have a surge of
people coming up with patches that need to be reviewed/enhanced and
possibly merged :)).

Raphaël Hertzog

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