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Re: Roadmap for the 1.15.x series


Knew had forgotten some stuff. And added comments on some of the
previous items.

Will probably add the items from this thread to the TODO list or a
wiki page.

On Fri, 2009-08-21 at 08:20:35 +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> The “merge back” development series 1.15.x
> ==========================================

 * Better integration with front-ends:

   - Discuss and decide about dpkg knowledge of repository information.
     Either push out the available file handling to the front-ends, or
     take full responsibility of repository package availability.
   - A way for front-ends to store additional information for each
   - Other stuff, would need to ask front-end developers.

 * Merge back localepurge:

   - Mostly finishing and merging the filters branch [filters].
   - After that localepurge can be considered obsolete or just a way to
     provide config files.

 * Translation deb support (tdeb):

   - Clarify the draft (had some discussions about that with the i18n
     team at DebConf).
   - Depending on the discussions might need either (= refactor-deb)
     or (= filters), or other stuff.

 * Clean up dpkg namespace:

   - Rename dpkg-ftp as dselect-ftp.
   - Rename dpkg-multicd as dselect-multicd.
   - Consider changes to local dpkg-scanpackages in dpkg-multicd.
   - Eventual move of the method directories to /usr/lib/dselect/.

> * New perl modules package [libdpkg-perl]:
>   - Move Dpkg.pm to libdpkg-perl (= c-rewrite).

Actually the c-rewrite is not a blocker, libdpkg-perl will need to
depend on dpkg anyway for the architecture tables. So we can keep
Dpkg.pm (and Dpkg/Gettext.pm) there until they can be moved.

>   - Review of all APIs, cleanup, etc.

Something I'd like to do pretty soon, after checking if there's anyone
using those modules, but before new code starts using them, is to

  Dpkg/Control.pm → Dpkg/Source/Control.pm
  Dpkg/Cdata.pm → Dpkg/Control.pm

I think the rest of the modules have enough clear names, but it would
make sense to check again before we mark them as a public interface.

> * Merge back debconf support:

>   - Implement invoke hooks.

The basic support is there now in 1.15.4, but debconf needs the more
advanced one with detailed information of what's going to happen.

>   - Implement db control-path printing.

Already in 1.15.4.


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